Musician Mark Rogers is back in Central Illinois

Central Illinois musician Mark Rogers

Morton, Illinois native Mark Rogers has been playing in Peoria and throughout Central Illinois for many years. Fans of Christian rock may remember him from the band “Crimson Dive” that performed across the region in the 1990’s. Mark spent most of the last few years in the Nashville area, but Central Illinois can be a hard place to leave behind and he recently relocated back to the area.

Mark came to music the way many musicians do, through his family. His father, Terry Rogers, sings and plays guitar as part of his ministry, so it was natural for Mark to follow along. Some kids like music, Mark loved music. He was willing to spend countless hours practicing in order to expand his skills. The guitar is his primary instrument, but he seems to have a natural ability to pick up any instrument and quickly make music with it.

Like many artists, Mark is as interested in the process as he is in the result. Besides performing in venues such as The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Mark was also involved in music management and promotion. Today, Mark is well versed in the art of music and performance as well as the business side of the music industry.

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