About Playing Peoria

Illinois fine art photographer Craig Stocks

All across the nation, there are artists, entertainers and performers who share their gifts with their neighbors. Collectively, they help to define the personality of the community, but they are also products of the community. Some achieve local celebrity status while others toil anonymously.

Playing Peoria is a personal photography project by Central Illinois photographer Craig Stocks. The purpose is to feature artists,  performers and entertainers of all types who are plying their trade in Central Illinois. Each artist will be featured in an environmental portrait that shares something about them and something about Central Illinois. Many will also share their story in a short video interview.

The project will include a wide range of people who perform their craft in Central Illinois. Certainly musicians come to mind when you think about performers, but also think about dancers, puppeteers, preachers, actors, teachers, DJs, radio announcers and TV news personalities. Central Illinois is also home to a wide variety of artists, including a number of painters, sculptors and photographers. These are the people who put something of themselves out in public to enrich the lives of others.

If you’d like more information about Craig, please visit the Craig Stocks Arts photography website or Craig Stocks’ blog. If you or anyone you know would like to be included in this project, please contact me at craig@craigstocksarts.com.